Chester Racecourse

Chester Racecourse
Chester Racecourse
Parade Ring


We were asked to supply hedging for the parade ring at the world-renowned Chester Racecourse.

The Challenge 

When Chester Racecourse needed to give the border around its parade ring a refresh, the team got in touch and asked us to supply a large quantity of hedging.

Always immaculate, the area – also known as the paddock – is where the horses appear before the start of a race. This allows the horses to stretch their muscles before the jockeys get on board – and gives the crowd a preview of how the runners look before they place their bets.

The area also incorporates the winner’s enclosure, where the victorious horse and jockey are reunited with owners and trainers after the race, and where the trophies are presented.

The facilities at Chester, in particular, have been designed to blend in with the surroundings of the Roman city, whose walls overlook the track itself. An annual three-day meeting in May and Sunday racecards throughout August attract large crowds eager to check out the action on the tight, left-handed track.


The Solution

We supplied 2,000 leylandii hedging plants that were planted around the perimeter of the ring. The plants were between 100cm to 125cm tall, making them ideal for creating a natural but pristine border around the area.

Having previously provided a huge variety of plants and shrubs to the racecourse, we were aware that only the highest quality products would suffice.

Plants previously supplied to the racecourse include a number of trees, such as Amelanchier lamarckii and Betula jacquemontii; colourful hydrangeas and roses; almost 100 Cistus x purpureus; and a wide variety of shrubs. We have supplied almost 100 Euphorbia wulfenii shrubs, 140 Cistus corbariensis and 250 Taxus baccata.


The Result

The border around the parade ring is in perfect condition and ready to welcome the starting line-up when racing resumes at the venue in August 2020.