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How do i register with the UK plant health service?

How do I register with the UK plant health service?

If you deal with plants professionally you need to be registered with the UK plant health service. Some operators may also need to be authorised to issue plant passports. This page will link you to guidance on the UK plant passport system and whether you need to be registered as a professional operator, or both registered as a professional operator and authorised to issue plant passports.

Great Britain operates a UK Plant Passport system for internal movements of plants both within and between GB and the Crown Dependencies. Northern Ireland continues to use the EU Plant Passport system (in line with the Northern Ireland Protocol), and EU Plant Passports apply for movements of Qualifying Northern Ireland Goods (QNIGs) from NI to GB. Phytosanitary certificates are required when moving goods from GB to NI.

Further information on Plant Passports can also be found on

free Plant Passport E-learning module is also available here on the Portal.

Post-transition Period guidance (including changes to the plant passport system that occurred on 1st January 2021 and guidance on registration as an importer) can be found on the Portal.

It should be noted that the plant passport system has 2 pillars:

  • Traceability

  • Assurance

Therefore, a UK plant passport is not just a traceability document but attests that the plants the passport is attached to meet GB Plant Health Standards.


Guidance on Registration

Guidance for Plant Passports

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