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What is the Pest & Diseases Index?

What is the Pest & Diseases Index?

On 14 December 2020 EU Regulation 2019/827 came into force, this EU regulation has been carried over into domestic British legislation (Article 46 of Plant Health Regulation 2020/1482).

This Regulation stipulates further requirements for operators authorised to issue plant passports including knowledge of pests that are relevant to the plants you trade in.

Therefore we have developed this PDI to help operators better comply. The PDI is ‘host-driven’ rather than ‘pest-driven’ so you can easily look at the commodities you trade-in and the pests applicable to them, along with whether that pest is present in the UK, the most likely pathways of entry if it is not present, what special requirements in legislation are relevant to that pest, and what the mitigated and unmitigated risk rating of the pest is.

More information is available in the User Guide below, please read the User Guide before using the Index.

Pest & Disease Index
Pest & Disease Index (User Guide)


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