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What size are your plant pots?

Plant Pot Size Guide

Pot sizes are listed in litres capacity. They are usually black plastic, although an increasing number are being grown in taupe coloured pots to enable waste pots to be collected at the roadside.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on 01423 330234.

Please note the above guide is for illustration purposes only and are not sized proportionally to one another.

9cm – We generally use our P9 pots to grow our stock on from, our most common p9 lines are Ilex aquifolium and some herb and herbaceous lines. Our p9 pots are generally square.

2L – Our 2L pots are ideal for the production of amenity plants grown for one year, most commonly used for our 2L herbaceous and shrub lines, this size is great as the plants are small enough to establish but large enough to make an impact when first planted.

3L – Slightly larger than a 2L, we generally use these for our garden centre plants and some amenity lines.

5L – A 5L is Ideal for the production of bigger shrubs with a larger root capacity, these can be seen across our nursery but generally found within our garden centre sales.

10L – This is our most common pot for ‘specimen plants’ that have generally been grown for two years +.

20L – Used for specimen shrubs such as Rhododendron and conifers and some small trees.

Pot Size Guide – Please note: the pot sizes listed below may vary due to the different pot manufactures we use

Pot Size Pot Diameter Pot Diameter (Base) Pot Height
9cm 9cm 3.5″ 6cm 2.5″ 8.5 3″
1 Litre 13cm 5″ 10cm 4″ 11cm 4″
2 Litre 17cm 6.5″ 12cm 4.5″ 13cm 5″
3 Litre 19cm 7.5″ 13cm 5″ 15.0cm 6″
4 Litre 20cm 8″ 15.5cm 6″ 16.5cm 6.5″
5 Litre 22.5cm 9″ 16.5cm 6.5″ 18cm 7″
7 Litre 25cm 10″ 19cm 7.5″ 20cm 8″
10 Litre 28cm 11″ 24cm 9.5″ 11.5cm 9″
15 Litre 33cm 13″ 25.5cm 10″ 30cm 12″
20 Litre 35.5cm 14″ 27.5cm 11″ 32.5cm 13″
25 Litre 38.5cm 15″ 30cm 12″ 35cm 14″
30 Litre 41cm 16″ 33cm 13″ 36cm 14″
40 Litre 50cm 20″ 35.5cm 14″ 45cm 18″
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