Gardening Reminders for the month of April

Gardening Reminders for the month of April

Here are our Gardening Reminders for the month of April

1) Prune early flowering shrubs after flowering is over.

2) Prune foliage shrubs when cut foliage is required later in the year.

3) Mulch shrubs when weather begins to warm up, but not deeply into the centre of
the shrub when growing from a stool.

4) Continue to divide herbaceous plants if necessary.

5) Plant evergreen shrubs, mulch and water in well. Continue to water if dry.

6) Cut off dead hydrangea flowers.

7) Mulch fruit trees and bushes.

8) Plant Raspberry canes.

9) Rake lawns to remove worm casts, twigs, and old grass.

10) Apply spring fertilizer dressing to lawns as weather warms up.

11) Apply grass seed to thin areas of the lawn and rake in. Cover with fleece for a few
days if there is a problem with birds eating the seed.

12) Lightly trim lavenders (but not into the old wood) to stop them getting leggy.

13) By mid to late April soil should be warm enough to sow hardy annuals directly
where you wish them to flower.

14) Towards the end of the month collect woody twigs to use as supports for perennials before they get too long and straggly.

15) Keep up with weed control, concentrate on Dandelions, bindweed, cleavers, creeping yellow cress, and hairy bittercress as they seed and germinate so easily.
16) Cut back Lavatera hard to carry this summer’s flowers.

17) Check stakes and ties of trees planted in the last 2 years, stakes to be still sound and ties not strangling the tree.

18) Make sure you planted your Magnolia in a site which is not exposed and does not receive the morning sun, as these conditions may cause May frost damage.

19) Reversion occurs in a number of variegated trees and shrubs, foliage becomes green and the shoots grows strongly. Cut out these shoots as soon as possible, and as close to the stem as possible.

Posted 1st Apr 10:44am