Johnsons work with Ashlea Ltd to supply A21 Tonbridge

Johnsons work with Ashlea Ltd to supply A21 Tonbridge

Johnsons work with Ashlea Ltd to supply A21 Tonbridge

We were selected by Ashlea Ltd in February 2017 to supply thousands of bare root hedging and trees to the new Tonbridge dual carriageway, Kent.

This was part of the two-year, £70 million project which set to create a new dual carriageway to follow the line of the existing A21.

The new dual carriageway follows the line of the existing A21 with a new junction at Fairthorne (by the petrol station) and at Longfield Road, replacing the existing roundabout at the southern end of the scheme. Parts of the existing A21 were retained to provide access to houses, businesses, fields and woodland. A new bridleway for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders was provided along the whole length of the scheme.

Planting and earth mounds were provided to ensure that existing residence would not be affected by the noise of the new dual carriageway.

Plant varieties included over 40,000 native and non-native hedging and a selection of trees and shrubs.

Green-tech also supplied the following:
• 20,000 x 1.2m standard plus tree shelters 80-120mm dia
• 20,000 x 1.2m x 32mm square fsc tree stakes
• 2,000 x 60cm Acorn treeguards for shrubs 170-200mm dia with stakes
• 2,500 x bags of tree planting compost
• 10,000 x spirals (60cm x 38mm) and canes (90cm)

Johnsons of Whixley marketing co-ordinator, Ellie Richardson, said: “This was another great project with Ashlea Ltd. We have been involved with lots of roadside planting schemes over the years so it was great to supply another well-known carriageway, we cant wait to see it mature over the next few years.

Green-tech sales manager, Andrea Questari, said: “We were delighted to be involved with Ashlea Ltd on this project. Ashlea Ltd are very well known within the industry for their landscaping on the UK’s highways. Wayne Dand and his team managed this sensitive site very well which made our job a lot easier logistically.”

Posted 26th Oct 10:26am