Meet our rising stars

Meet our rising stars

Firstly, a huge well done to the 13 applicants who applied for our rising stars programme, you we’re all great candidates and made our decision very difficult.

Below are the six chosen candidates of whom we asked some questions to, here is what they had to say below:

Andrew Nicholls

1.What are you looking forward to within the rising star programme?

I am looking forward to where this could take me within the company and the new skills I could learn.

2.What is the worst job you’ve ever had? Emptying dog poo bins for York Council (this wasn’t what I was contracted to do)

3.Favourite film? Into the wild


Tom Chilton

1.Favourite day at Johnsons so far?

It has to be the responsibility of working on my own, when Eric has left me on the potting machine and when I’ve gone spraying.

2.What do you enjoy outside of work? When I am not working, I am at my allotment – I also enjoy golf.

3.Favourite band? Oasis

Nedoyalko Antonov

1.How long have you been at Johnsons?

Directly employed since August 2017 but worked with the agency prior to that.

2.What do you like most about working here? Love being outdoors amongst nature, seeing birds, bees and other wildlife.

 Ned is also a star in the kitchen with his international cuisine.

Richard Csanyi

1.Favourite hobby?

Guitar – my favourite song to play is ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

2.What makes work enjoyable? My colleagues, I have made good friends.

3.What do you miss about home? I miss the great food you can get in Hungary.


Kieran Pattison

1.Favourite TV shows? Crime dramas.

2.Ideal holiday destination? Would have to be Australia.

3.What are you looking forward to the most within the programme? Learning new skills and progressing at Johnsons.

Wiktor Zygnerski

1.What do you like most about England?

Love the nature, the hills, and rivers.

2.Best thing about Johnsons? All of it, the job I do, the people here, including the bosses.

3.Favourite Takeaway

Chinese, Sweet & Sour Chicken

Mentor, Ian Nelson, said: "I’m right at the end of my Johnsons career but the guys who are coming on to the Rising Stars programme are at or near the beginning. I’m a little jealous.

It is a bit of a cliché to say that now is a time of great opportunity. I’m confident though that the period upcoming, the next 5/10 years, will offer just that for the business.

I better be careful not to be age-ist, but it’s fact that there is a generation who’ll be hanging up their snips not so long from now and a new cohort of managers will be in charge & will be responsible for meeting challenges.

That was recognized and had to be addressed and that’s what the Rising Stars programme is all about. Giving staff with loads of potential the managerial & horticultural skills that they, & the business, are going to rely upon.

The partnership with Dutton Fisher, with Helen at the Personnel Partnership & Terry from Sound Safety and Johnsons is strong and between us I believe we can deliver a comprehensive, enjoyable and valuable package."

Posted 6th Nov 3:36pm