Mental Health Garden at Harrogate Flower Show 2019

Mental Health Garden at Harrogate Flower Show 2019

We are delighted to have sponsored the trees and plants for a display dedicated to mental health awareness at this year’s Harrogate Flower Show.

The Mental Health Garden has been designed by Jo Manfredi-Hamer Garden Design and is proudly supporting Leeds Mind, the mental health charity which provides support and information when people need it most.

In addition to trees and plants, the 7.3m x 5.2m garden includes different shades of pebbles to represent depression and improved mental health through counselling and support.

A semicolon, sometimes worn by mental health sufferers, has been incorporated into the design, along with features to represent self-harm, strength and activities often chosen to combat mental health issues.

The garden also includes Kernel, a design by the award-winning sculptor David Harber. A beautiful polished stone sphere, Kernel has a mirror-polished stainless steel wedge cut into it to reveal a shiny core of oxidised steel, representing inner strength. Also involved in the garden’s creation are Marshalls and Stone Warehouse.

Among the plants we have supplied are carex oshimensis, stachys byzantine ‘Silver Carpet’, Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘Valentine’, Myosotis sylvatica and Choisya ternata sundance. Several Skimmia × confusa Kew Green were included in the supply, along with Tiarella Sugar and Spice,

Helleborus x hybridus Pretty Ellen Red and four pleached trees.

Designer Jo was inspired to create the garden after seeing the impact of mental health issues on someone close to her and wanted to highlight the issues whilst communicating a message of positivity.

She said: “There is help available and, with help and support, people can learn to manage their mental health.”

Research shows that gardening can be extremely beneficial for people with mental health problems. It improves communication with others, teaches practical skills and enhances concentration.

Gardening is the ultimate feel-good pastime – it gets people out in the fresh air, it’s great exercise and it allows them to express their creativity – therefore it seems fitting that we support this project.

The Harrogate Flower Show runs from April 25-28, where the Mental Health Garden can be viewed, with garden construction commencing on April 15.

Posted 6th Mar 11:26am