On the road with Johnsons of Whixley driver Tim Smith

On the road with Johnsons of Whixley driver Tim Smith

On the road with Johnsons of Whixley driver Tim Smith

How have you found your first year on the road working for Johnsons?
It has been an enjoyable year that has flown by and proved to be very different from my previous job.

What is the difference between this job and your last job?
My last job was Frozen food distribution, delivering to large supermarket distribution centres nationwide, on timed deliveries. They are very impersonal places where you are just a number. There was no customer interaction, unlike at Johnsons, where it is positively encouraged. I engage with customers on a daily basis and I feel like a valued member of staff.

What has been the biggest challenge?
As part of everyday life as a delivery driver, finding new addresses that can be in the most awkward places is a big challenge. Sometimes the places are inaccessible to the size of vehicle I am driving, so we have to sometimes think hard to find solutions.

Where have you travelled most to in the last year?
Holland. I go on a regular basis each month.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I drive a well-kept truck that I am proud of.

Where is the furthest delivery you have done?
I drove to Wick, which is North East Scotland, and nearly 500 miles away from Johnsons. This was to deliver Ashlea landscaping to a new school.

If you could go anywhere in your truck where would it be?
I would like to go into the South West more. I don’t get the opportunity to go in that direction much.

How do you cope with the various challenges of long-distance driving?
Driving an HGV is unlike driving a car and it brings with it its own challenges. As a professional driver, we have many more laws to adhere to; driver’s hours to name one. Together with this, the vehicles themselves are huge advertising billboards, so concentration is imperative. The long distances are something you quickly get used to.

Posted 7th Aug 2:10pm