Our guide to the bare root season

Our guide to the bare root season

Check out our guide below for the bare root and root ball seaso

1. Choose your hedging variety – Make sure you research the area that you are planting. What is it you are needing. Is it functional or ornamental? If its privacy plant Laurel, Yew, Leylandii or Thuja.

2. For security plant Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Pyracantha or Berberis.

3. Plant at the right time – planting between November to March is the best time for bare root and root ball plants ensuring the best possible start whilst dormant.

4. Dig your hole – Dig the right size hole for your bare root or root ball. Aim to ensure that the planting depth is equal to depth of the ball or recognises the obvious planting band on a bare root plant.

5. Spread the roots and firm – Before planting gently spread out the roots or tease them out of a root ball. Back fill with soil and gently firm in to eliminate any air ensuring soil is in contact with the newly planted root.

6. Water - Winter can be just as dry so ensure you water in well and monitor the soil moisture level thereafter.

Posted 31st Oct 12:59pm