1939-1945 - During WW2

Mr Johnson 

In the Second World War, Eric Johnson had to stop growing ornamentals and concentrate on growing vegetables; he was left with one employee. He was given a commission with the Home Guard, with a platoon to organize eventually reaching some 60 members, covering the local area from Walshford to as far as Nun Monkton towards York. Mr Johnson was fully occupied until the end of the war, in ‘Dad’s Army.’


John Richardson

John remembers being about four and having to respond to air-raid siren warnings. He would hide under the dining table or head for a shelter that a neighbour had built in a bedroom.

“Despite living through the war for six years, in reality, I knew little about it. My family’s careful management of resources meant it had little physical impact on us and it wasn’t until I was about 12, and friends told me about their lost relatives and bombing raids, that I understood more about what happened.”