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  1. Reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge

    Reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge

    There are lots of compelling reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge, see some of our reasons below.

    Save Money – Planting a bare root or root ball hedge is usually much cheaper than planting an equivalent container grown hedge.

    Attract wildlife – Planting a hedge provides a home for insect’s birds and other mammals. It is also a great source of shelter and food.

    Stop intruders – Planting a hedge can deter thieves. There is a host of ‘spiky’ plant options – ornamental and native!

    Reduces noise and Assists with Privacy – Planting a hedge reduces noise pollution and creates a green screen barrier that softens any boundary thus ensuring privacy.

    A wider range is available – A wider range of sizes and varieties are available throughout the bare root and root ball season to suit both ‘situation & pocket’!

    Absorb rainfall – Hedging absorbs rainfall and reduces run off this mitigates the impact of waterlogging and flooding.

    Posted 1st Nov 12:41pm
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  2. Tree size guide

    Tree size guide

    Not sure what size tree you need this bare root and root ball season? Check out our tree size guide above.

    Note: Girth is measured as circumference at 1m high. For example a 6-8cm Girth Tree is a hefty broom handle thickness.

    Posted 15th Nov 12:36pm
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  3. Johnsons plays key role in boosting UK tree population

    Johnsons plays key role in boosting UK tree population

    Johnsons plays key role in boosting UK tree population

    We’ve grown and supplied more than 2.5 million trees during the last 12 months, placing us as one of the UK’s biggest net contributors to the nation’s tree population.

    This week is National Tree Week (25 November – 3 December) which is organised by the UK Tree Council to mark the start of the winter tree planting season and aims to encourage communities to do something positive for their local treescape.Just 13% of the UK’s total land area is covered in trees, compared with an average elsewhere in the EU of about 35%. In England, the figure is just 10%.

    It is estimated that we have grown and supplied a total of 110 million trees and hedging plants since our chairman John Richardson purchased the business in 1964, and we are continuing to supply plants and trees to high-profile projects up and down the country.

    The variety of trees grown ranges from forest trees and woodland plantings, to smaller hawthorn and fringe hedging species.

    Our group managing director, Graham Richardson, said: “National Tree Week provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the many benefits trees bring, including improved air quality, flash flood prevention and shelter for wildlife, and acknowledges the importance of protecting and nurturing British woodland.”

    “The benefits of strong woodland coverage in the UK are clear, not least of all because wood is an essential material in construction, and we are proud to play such a significant role in boosting the nation’s tree population.”


    Posted 27th Nov 4:19pm
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  4. Johnsons help kick-start Leeds City Council’s new nursery

    Johnsons help kick-start Leeds City Council’s new nursery

    Johnsons help kick-start Leeds City Council’s new nursery

    Our Garden Centre Sales division has supplied approximately 64 trolleys worth of stock to The Arium in Leeds, a new City Council led initiative to provide horticultural support to all areas of Leeds.

    The Arium is the name for the newly-opened Leeds Parks Plant Nursery, which will grow more than three million plants a year for the city’s parks, roundabouts, flower beds, school grounds and other locations across the city.

    The new nursery opened for business on Thorner Lane in the Scarcroft area of the city on Saturday 7 October and has enjoyed excellent footfall and levels of interest during its open weeks of trade.
    The Arium is open to members of the general public and facilities on site include a café, shop and outdoor children’s play area.

    The products we’ve supplied include a broad selection from across our range.

    Our garden centre sales manager, Mark Reynard, said: “The Garden Centre Sales side of our business has enjoyed a relationship spanning more than 10 years with Leeds City Council, while commercially the two parties have worked together for more than 40 years.

    “It’s pleasing to be able to further enhance an already strong relationship by helping the Council kick-start their new project at The Arium. We wish them every success during their first year of trade, and look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

    The Arium’s senior supervisor, Lee Cawood, said: “As a council, we’ve enjoyed an excellent relationship with Johnsons of Whixley for generations.

    They’ve been a key supplier to our amenity projects for a number of those years, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them for The Arium.

    “The level of service and the overall quality of product that we’ve received from Johnsons has been first class, and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship with the business in the years ahead.”

    Posted 1st Nov 12:05pm
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