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  1. Plant supply for innovative lakeside services scheme

    Plant supply for innovative lakeside services scheme

    Motorists stopping for a break at the new Skelton Lakes service station on the M1 near Leeds can enjoy glorious landscaped lakeside gardens thanks to us and Landscaping firm Brambledown Landscape Services Ltd.

    Our plant supply to the scheme was worth more than £110,000, which aims to bring new levels of design and quality to visitors when it opens this summer.

    The area, at Junction 45, will include a business centre and community facilities, in addition to a range of food and drink outlets, a visitor area and lakeside viewing deck across a total of 30 acres. The main building will feature exposed timber beams and a ‘living green roof’ to reflect the landscape.

    Our supply included more than 25,000 plants for the landscaping scheme, including more than 3,900 Persicaria ‘Darjeeling Red’, 3,600 Carpinus betulus, 2,800 crataegus monogyna and 1,100 Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’.

    Also incorporated in the supply was over 400 trees, with varieties including over 60 Acer camp. ‘Streetwise’, 120 Betula pendula, 60 Alnus glutinosa and 45 Pinus sylvestris.

    Brambledown Director, Paul Curry said: “It was a pleasure to work with Johnsons of Whixley again on such a large Commercial Landscape Project near Leeds. We have continued to plant thousands of trees and shrubs at Skelton Lakes Service Station throughout the Covid-19 pandemic while implementing all necessary Public Health England and Government industry safe working practices. It has been a very challenging project, but we have worked very closely with the client, and the main contractor to ensure our programmed landscape works could progress.

    Skelton Lakes aims to bring a new concept of the motorway service station to Yorkshire, with unprecedented levels of design set in acres of gardens.

    The development will form part of a ‘Green corridor’ linking Grade 1 listed Temple Newsam House to the north and Rothwell Country Park to the south.

    Posted 30th Jun 11:55am
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  2. A warm welcome to Yvette Adams

    A warm welcome to Yvette Adams

    A warm welcome to Yvette Adams who joins our front of house team as a Receptionist and will be working alongside Chris, Tracey, and Cath. Here’s what she said about her new position at Johnsons:

    Welcome to the team Yvette, how are you finding your new role?

    I am really enjoying my new job; everyone has made me feel very welcome.

    Where did you work before Johnsons?

    I worked in the office at Boroughbridge High school.

    What are you looking forward to most while working here?

    Getting to know my colleagues and understanding the running of the company.

    What have the challenges been so far?

    Trying to pronounce and spell suppliers’ names.

     Anything new you have learnt since joining?

    Yes, working on the plant production line was something I had never done before.

     What do you enjoy outside of work?

    Seeing Family and Friends, Walking and grooming my dogs, and Gardening.

     How did you celebrate your new role?

    Had Fish and Chips and a glass of cider.

    Tell us a random fact about yourself:

    I once played Bass guitar in a punk rock band

    Posted 25th Jun 8:47am
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  3. Topiary garden supply for England cricket hero

    Topiary garden supply for England cricket hero

    England cricket hero Ben Stokes has a stunning new-look garden thanks to us and the team at Brambledown Landscape Services Ltd.

    The current England vice-captain – voted Sports Personality of the Year 2019 after his heroics in the Cricket World Cup and in the test match at Headingley when England beat Australia – visited our onsite trade cash & carry with Brambledown’s Director to select several plants for his garden.

    Brambledown Director Frank Curry with cricket hero Ben Stokes and one of Johnsons Directors, Iain Richardson

    He chose several topiary plants including Buxus cones in 170L pots, varying from 130cm in height to 200cm, and 110cm wide Buxus balls.

    Ben Stoke’s impressive topiary plants 

    Brambledown, one of the UK’s top landscape and maintenance contractors, has been undertaking soft and hard landscaping works – including planting the topiary plants – at the cricketer’s Co Durham property.

    Topiary loaded ready for delivery to Ben Stokes

    Frank Curry, Brambledown Director, said: ” It’s a pleasure to be working with Ben and his wife Clare on their garden plans. They enjoyed the opportunity to visit Johnsons of Whixley and see the vast variety of quality plant material.

    Eleanor Richardson, Johnsons’ marketing manager, added: “The men in our family business are big cricket fans, so were starstruck when Ben Stokes attended our onsite trade cash and carry.

    “As always, it’s a pleasure to work with our long-standing customer Brambledown Landscape Services Ltd who are guaranteed to do a great job for the England cricket star. We look forward to seeing the end result of the garden project.

    Posted 19th Jun 1:51pm
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  4. Helping Waterfront Business Park Bloom

    Helping Waterfront Business Park Bloom

    We have teamed up with one of the UK’s largest landscaping companies, Ashlea Ltd to help the grounds of the new Waterfront Business Park in Barrow-In-Furness bloom.

    The £3.5 million project comprises of offices, workshops and industrial buildings that are already home to several businesses including BAE, that has occupied a sizeable unit since phase one of the scheme opened in 2017.

    Located at the gateway to Britain’s ‘energy coast’, the development is regarded as a hotspot for growing businesses.

    The team at Ashlea completed the groundworks and planting for the grounds of the business park.

    Johnsons supplied trees, hedging, grasses and shrubs for the scheme, including varieties such as Betula pendula, Pinus Nigra, Miscanthus sinensis, Stipa tenuissima, Crataegus monogyna, Prunus spinosa and Viburnum opulus.

    Ashlea Ltd Contracts Director Wayne Dand said: ”Once again Johnsons Of Whixley has excelled themselves with the quality of plants, trees and service provided. The coastal landscape design of ornamental grasses is starting to develop well.”

    We are delighted to have been Ashlea’s chosen supplier for this project. This is one of many similar projects we have supplied in recent years, and it is great to see our plants help this new business park to ‘bloom’. We look forward to working with Ashlea Ltd again soon.

    Posted 16th Jun 11:41am
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  5. Gin giveaway for World Gin Day

    Gin giveaway for World Gin Day



    To celebrate World Gin Day on Saturday 13th June, we are giving away a 20cl bottle of our ‘Quixley Gin’

    For your chance to win simply like our Facebook page, like the post and tag the friend, you would share a bottle with. ????

    Terms and conditions do apply below ⬇️

    1. The promotor is Johnsons of Whixley Ltd
    2. Entrants must like the Johnsons of Whixley Facebook page and have liked and commented on the post as requested to be in for a chance to win.
    3. The prize is open to all UK residents aged over 18 and above.
    4. There is only one prize available
    5. Only one prize per entrant (a 20cl bottle of Quixley gin) can be claimed, multiple entries from the same applicant will be discounted.
    6. The prize is as stated, no cash or alternative prize is available.
    7. The Winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries.
    8. The competition will close at 12 pm Monday 15th June
    9. The Winner will be announced on Monday 15th June on the Johnsons of Whixley Facebook page.
    10. Winners will be asked for their details for postage or collection.
    11. Winners will receive their prize by post or on collection.
    12. The winners are allowed up to five calendar days to claim the prize from the date they are announced. If the Winner fails to come forward, then the prize shall be forfeited.
    13. Entries who did not win will not be contacted.
    14. Johnsons of Whixley will not take responsibility for any lost items in the post – replacements cannot be issued.
    15. If you are a winner, the Promoter may request you to participate in any publicity or promotion organised by the Promoter, including promotional photographs.
    16. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw this offer or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.
    17. In the event of any dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions, the conduct, results and any other matters relating to this prize draw, the decision of the Promoter shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
    18. By entering applicants agree to the above terms and conditions.

    Posted 9th Jun 9:59am
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  6. June 2020 Gardening Reminders

    June 2020 Gardening Reminders

    Check out our latest gardening reminders for June 2020 put together by chairman and horticulturist John Richardson.

    1) The very dry weather in May has made us realise just how important it is to organise an efficient watering system. Garden centres will have excellent drip-feed watering systems on sale, which are ideal for plants in containers, grow bags, window boxes and hanging baskets, and are relatively easy and quick to install. Money well spent!

    2) Anything planted during the last 2 months is almost certain to be suffering from the effect of the drought. When watering, ensure that plants are given a really good soak and not just having the soil surface dampened down.

    3) Hoe weeds wherever possible in the dry weather, they collapse quickly, and leaving a tilth on the soil surface helps conserve moisture and prevents the growth of new weed seedlings.

    4) Make sure that supports are now in place for herbaceous plants which are growing quickly, the support is also needed if they become short of water and lose rigidity.

    5) Forsythia and other early flowering shrubs will benefit from having some of the old flowering shoots removed in order to stimulate new young shoots which will carry flower buds next year.

    6) Don’t forget to prune topiary plants such as Buxus and Taxus, if you leave it too long it is very easy to lose the original shape, and extremely difficult to recover.

    7) If you have never had the opportunity to read a copy of ‘Gardening Which’, either borrow a copy or take out a subscription, it is worth every penny!

    8) Complete the planting of hardy annuals, and ensure they are well watered-in and kept watered for the first full month.

    9) Ensure that slugs and snails cannot do too much damage by picking them off plants in the late evening by hand or treating them with appropriate slug and snail killers.

    10) Plant out young dahlias now there is no chance of frost. Keep well-watered and control greenfly. Apply a mulch of spent compost to retain moisture and reduce weeds and slugs.

    11) Sow winter pansies, primulas, violas and Brompton stocks under glass. Foxgloves and wallflowers can be sown outside in a weed-free area of the border to flower next year.

    12) Bulb foliage will have died down by now, remove it once it has gone dry and yellow. Daffodil bulbs will be fine left in situ, but tulip bulbs are better lifted carefully, cleaned, and dried off in shallow boxes.  Keep cool and well ventilated until replanted in the autumn.

    13) Watch out for those bright red lily beetles, they are on the march!  Make sure to keep a hand underneath when trying to catch them, as they drop into the soil beneath when touched.

    14) Keep removing the side shoots of tomatoes by breaking them out of the leaf axils, to ensure the energy of the plant goes into the fruit.

    15) Now that wholesale nurseries and garden centres are open once again, a walk around any of them will be useful as no doubt they will have a number of unsold lines at attractive prices.

    16) Trim back the flowering growth of Erica carnea varieties and top-dress with peat.

    17) Watch out for woolly aphids on apple trees, scrub off with soap and water.

    18) Dead-head roses after they have flowered,. Cut down to the axil of a bud with secateurs.

    “If you have two pennies, spend one for a loaf and one for a flower.

    The bread will give you life, the flower a reason for living’. (Chinese Proverb, & Maurice Baren)”

    Posted 1st Jun 9:33am
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