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  1. Johnsons of Whixley Ltd rebrands to Johnsons Nurseries Ltd

    Johnsons of Whixley Ltd rebrands to Johnsons Nurseries Ltd


    On the 7th of November 2023, the company ‘Johnsons of Whixley Ltd’ changed its name to ‘Johnsons Nurseries Ltd.’

    Founded in 1921 by war veteran Eric Johnson before being purchased by John Richardson in 1964, the now third-generation family business achieved a record sales turnover of £18.8m in its last financial year and has big plans for growth, with the rebrand defining its intention for moving forward.

    Graham Richardson, group managing director at Johnsons Nurseries, said: “We have used the generic term ‘Nurserymen’ as part of our branding for years, and it has been an accepted historical collective term that describes the profession and not a deliberate specific reflection on gender within the workforce.

    “We are proud of the diversity of our workforce and the contributions that all of our employees make.”

    “However, we are acutely aware of this being perceived as outdated and intend to phase out the term over time as we introduce our new brand. This is also an opportunity for us to solidify our place in the market and ensure that the quality and reputation of Johnsons products are maintained for future generations of our workforce, customers and stakeholders.

    “Our values remain the same as we aim to continue the legacy of professionalism and reputation that Mr Johnson and the Richardson family have built.”

    Other than the name change to our documentation, domains, all other details for the company, and the basis on which we work together, remain the same. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Posted 29th Nov 11:38am
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  2. Johnsons receive Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running

    Johnsons receive Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running

    We are pleased to have received Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running.

    The Plant Healthy certification shows that Johnsons is a business that trades and grows plants to a high plant health and biosecurity standard whilst reducing the risk of introducing or spreading destructive plant pests, as well as protecting the horticultural industry, other cultivated plants and natural habitats.

    Plant Health is important to Johnsons for many reasons such as protecting our woodlands from pests and diseases such as ash-dieback and oak processionary moth and safeguarding native flora and fauna from non-native pests and diseases.

    Healthy plants are fundamental for the creation of beautiful gardens and landscapes and are essential for life, making the oxygen we breathe and absorbing carbon dioxide, they are also essential for the food we eat and without them, we wouldn’t be here.

    Johnsons’ Commercial and Business Manager, Jonathan Whittemore, said: “You can help with Plant Health by buying responsibly from reputable nurseries and suppliers and avoiding buying plants that have been sourced from areas with high-risk pests and diseases, keeping your boots clean to avoid spreading diseases, looking after your plants and knowing pests when you see them.

    Want to find out more about the Plant Healthy scheme? click here 


    Posted 2nd Nov 8:50am
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