A new role for Jack Witham

A new role for Jack Witham

Congratulations to Jack Witham, who has joined our Amenity Sales team as a Junior Sales Executive Find out what he had to say about his new role below.

1. What will your new role at Johnsons involve?

I am going into the Amenity sales team, so it involves several things to do with the Amenity side. Doing quotes is what I have started learning, but it also includes sorting sales orders and dealing with customers, new and old.

2. How long have you been a part of the Johnsons team?

I started at Johnsons when I was 17 during the summer holidays whilst I was at six form college. From then, I’d regularly come back in between term times whilst studying at university. After finishing university last year, I stayed on the nursery until taking this new role. My role was predominantly being an amenity lifter, preparing orders for customers making sure everything was to a high standard.

3. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Going into a different job role within the company is what I am most looking forward to, and working on a range of different things. This is my first job in an office, so it will be interesting to see what it is like inside.

4. What do you think the challenges will be?

Doing a job completely different from anything I have done before and learning all the different tips and techniques on computers. My I.T skills are O.K, but there is definitely room for improvement.

5. Do you have any hobbies?

I am a big cricket fan which shouldn’t come as much surprise working here. I am the Whixley cricket club captain, playing every weekend in summer when it doesn’t rain. I also have a membership at Yorkshire cricket club and watch them a lot when I can. I think that’s the only hobby I actually have.

6. Favourite subject at school?

Shockingly, it was P.E. Unfortunately, we hardly ever played cricket at school, and I wasn’t very good at other sports. I scored an own goal during my football examination, which brought my markdown.

7. Favourite food?

I love a Lamb pasanda from an Indian. It has to be the best meal out there. Any Indian food, though, is nice. Chinese is also very good. To be honest, I like a lot of food, just not mushrooms and cauliflower.

8. Favourite holiday destination? 

Barcelona is a wonderful city. It’s got everything, plenty of bars, a lovely beach, and lots of Estrella. I’d love to go back again if I get the chance to. Hopefully travelling between countries will be easier soon and I can go abroad again.

Amenity Sales Manager, Tony Coles said: I would like to welcome Jack into the Amenity Sales Team, Jack brings with him the experience of working out on the Nursery lifting plants for the Amenity sector. I am confident  Jack will become an integral part of the team looking after customers and their requirements in the future and I look forward to working with him.


Posted 4th Aug 8:56am