Farewell Chris Davis

Farewell Chris Davis

Farewell to Chris Davis our HR Administrator who retires after 22 years at Johnsons of Whixley at the end of March, Chris has provided support to all business areas for many years and has developed an unrivalled ‘plate spinning’ capability as she dashes from one task to the next in the office and beyond; we thank you for your hard work, loyalty and commitment, you will be greatly missed.

1) Where did you work prior to Johnsons?

  • Harrogate General Hospital - I was an auxiliary nurse on the then maternity ward
  • Knaresborough Hospital – I was an auxiliary nurse on the rehabilitation wards
  • Various nursing homes –nursing assistant working the night shifts, which fitted around having my children.
  • Sainsbury's – I was checkout assistant and then Customer service supervisor

2) What roles have you had while working at Johnsons?

Order processor, General Admin Manager, Customer Service Manager, HR coordinator / Admin Manager.

3) What was your happiest experience at this company?

There have been a few, attending company functions etc but receiving an email of thanks from one of our advisors was lovely and meant a lot.

4) What will you miss the most?

Chatting with colleagues

5) Tell us a funny story from your time at Johnsons: Ian Nelson as he passed me, would sometimes push me around the office on my chair, he did not do it all the time so it was a surprise when he did.

6)What advice would you give to the person taking on your role?

Expect the unexpected every day and you will have a busy timetable.

7)If you could have worked anywhere else, where would it have been?

Can’t think of anywhere otherwise I would have gone

8)What changes have you seen in the company over the years?

The number of the office staff has doubled and there have been massive technology and system changes, therefore some of the intimacy we had has unfortunately been lost.

9)What is the first thing you will do when you retire?

Hopefully get a full night’s sleep, not waking up thinking of stuff. I will enjoy and make good use of my free time.

Group Managing Director, Graham Richardson said: " Even in our long 101-year history, few staff members could boast such a significant and influential impact on our business. Chris’s can-do attitude and unshakeable reliability are simply unique, she will be greatly missed." 


Posted 21st Feb 3:27pm