Giving birds a home during National Nest Box Week

Giving birds a home during National Nest Box Week

Giving birds a home during National Nest Box Week

We have provided an additional 16 bird homes at our 50-acre headquarters site in Whixley during National Nest Box Week (14th – 21st  February).

National Nest Box Week is an annual event that takes place around the time when birds pair up for the new breeding season.

We have recognised the vital role that birds play in the natural eco-system this includes the control of pests, plant pollination and the natural spread of seeds.

With this in mind, we have installed the nest boxes at our main site and plan to install additional boxes on our other sites in the coming months.

Our site is located in the heart of North Yorkshire, surrounded by open landscapes which are home to a broad range of wildlife.

Staff regularly enjoy watching the antics of foxes, rabbits, hares, deer, butterflies and a wide range of birds including robins, blue tits, sparrow hawks, kites, buzzards, oystercatchers, and owls.

Ponds and water interceptors are also a regular feature of the nursery environment; they provide valuable irrigation reserves as well as significant ecological diversity.

Through the sale of 7 million Trees & Shrubs annually, we are one of the few businesses that can claim to be a true net contributor to the environment.

Our green credentials are monitored continuously via accreditation to the environmental standard ISO14001.

The environment is at the heart of our operation,  we invest time and money each year in making improvements which include the reduction of non-recyclable plastics to low emission vehicles.

Within the last few years, we have installed our very own onsite apiary which houses up to 800,000 bees, the installation of extra nesting boxes throughout the nursery can only go on to further embellish our surroundings.

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Posted 14th Feb 1:41pm