Jobs for the garden this May

Jobs for the garden this May

Not sure what to do in the garden this month? Here's a list of jobs to put together by the chairman and horticulturist John Richardson

  1. When staking weaker growing herbaceous plants, use pea sticks about 12-18 ins taller than required, so the tops of the sticks can be bent over the clump to provide better support to the plant stems in the centre of the clump.


  1. Tall iris can easily become top heavy in wet weather; use thin 3ft canes to which iris can be tied separately.


  1. Make sure that all mulching is completed this month in order to conserve moisture in the months to come.


  1. Adjust the mower to the summer cutting height. Complete the sowing of any lawn areas that need re-seeding.


  1. Propagate greenhouse plants, particularly foliage and climbing plants. Increase shading as necessary but watch out for that odd late frost.


  1. Complete the planting of root-balled hedging this month and ensure that previously planted hedges have not been displaced by wind. Water if necessary.


  1. Thoroughly water newly planted trees and shrubs as a really good soak is better than more frequent small applications. A general balanced feed will help newly planted trees and shrubs in mid-May, followed by a mulch to retain moisture.


  1. Clip established privet, Ivy and lonicera nitida varieties and give topiary a quick trim if it appears unkempt.


  1. Slugs will be out in force this month, with so much young, fresh foliage around. Control by picking off by hand or using a biological control such as Nemaslug or chemicals based on ferric phosphate.


  1. Tie in clematis, roses, climbing hydrangeas and other fast-growing climbers.


  1. Plant up and locate hanging baskets which may suffer from frost if placed outside too early. Add water-retaining gel and long-release fertilizer for a good show!


  1. When the weather has warmed up and frosts are over, purchase and plant bedding plants (check when your local parks department is planting).

Posted 1st May 8:00am