Our guide to apple trees

Our guide to apple trees

The 21st October marks national Apple day and to celebrate we have listed some of our favourites for cooking, eating and for cider.

For cooking
• Granny Smith – great for baking whole, sweet and crisp with a green skin
• Braeburn – makes a great apple sauce – tart, sweet and aromatic with a bright colour
• Bramley – icon for apple pies and crumbles – sharp and juicy

For Eating
• Gala – bright red flushed fruit with a sweet almost perfumed taste.
• Coxs Orange Pippin – Considered the best eating apple in the world
• Red Delicious - iconic ruby red skin with sweet juicy white flesh.

For Cider
• Katy – heavy cropper with a sharp flavour. Very juicy. Also enjoy straight from the tree.
• Kingston Black – only grown for juicing, turn this into a vintage cider.
• Golden Spire – has an cider-like flavour flesh. Also good for cooking with.

Posted 21st Oct 5:11pm