Our monthly favourites - December

Our monthly favourites - December

Not sure whats looking good in the garden this December? Check out our favourites for this month including Helleborus, Cornus and Sarcococca.

Mahonia 'Winter Sun'

Are the perfect addition to a shaded spot in your garden as they prefer full - partial shade with spikes of yellow flowers from November through to March that has a fragrant reminiscent of lily-of-the-valley on dark green holly-like leaves. Prune in spring after flowering. Available in 2L,5L and 10L pots.

???? Flowers: November - March

???? Position: Full sun – partial shade

Helleborus 'Cinnamon Snow'

A compact, clump-forming perennial with saucer-shaped cream flowers that mature to a pinky-brown colour over time. A great border plant that will brighten up your garden when little else is flowering, available in a 2L pot.

???? Flowers: December - April

???? Position: Full sun – Partial shade


Cornus 'Flaviramea'

White flowers in May - June with dark green leaves that redden in autumn and fall to reveal bright yellow stems in winter. An excellent choice for a moist area of the garden in a full sun - partial shade position.

???? Flowers: May - June

???? Position: Full sun - Partial shade

Sarcococca confusa

A sweetly scented evergreen shrub known for its pure white flowers from December – March with dark green leaves. Perfect in a deeply shaded border spot or woodland garden. To appreciate its vanilla-like fragrance plant in a moist, well-drained soil.

???? Flowers: December - March

???? Position: Partial - Deep shade

 Viburnum Tinus

Our Viburnum tinus plants are full of bud and flowers right now… An excellent evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and clusters of small white flowers.  Ideal for brightening up a part shaded area of the garden over winter and into spring when little else is flowering.

???? Flowers: December - April

???? Position: Full sun – partial shade

Skimmia Rubella

Are known for their dark red flower buds that are produced in autumn and last through to winter until the flowers open in spring — an excellent plant for a patio pot or border.

???? Flowers: April- May

???? Position: Partial – Full shade

Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata'

Dark green spiny leaves with yellow-cream margins with bright red berries that encourage birds into the garden from December - February.

???? Flowers: May - June

???? Position: Full sun – partial shade

 Cornus 'alba sibirica'

Are known for their bright-red stem that are revealed during mid-late autumn when the leaves fall. In early summer you will find small white flowers that appear amongst masses of dark green ovate leaves.

???? Flowers: May - June

???? Position: Full sun - Partial shade

Posted 29th Nov 1:39pm