Our Rising Stars, Tom, Ned and Kieron

Our Rising Stars, Tom, Ned and Kieron

Congratulations to Tom Chilton, Ned Antonov and Kieron Pattison for completing our rising stars programme earlier this year. The trio were awarded certificates, a star trophy and cake earlier this month.

Tom, Ned and Kieron embarked on our rising stars programme back in 2020 when they were selected to participate.

Rising stars was first introduced by the company seven years ago with the aim of developing the skillset of existing staff members to enable them to one day take on a more senior role within the business. We have made a significant financial investment in the programme to ensure its success.

The programme focuses on horticultural sessions, operational nursery activities, technical modules and training experiences which leads to a formal qualification in team leading.

Group managing director and Kieron Pattison.

Rising stars was open to staff from all parts of the business and an interview process was undertaken to choose candidates.

The programme was delivered in conjunction with external training providers and included a mixture of on-site training and external training providers.

Group managing director and Tom Chilton.

Ex-employee Ian Nelson mentored the growing stars and guided the delegates through the various challenges to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge they will need as managers of the future.

Group managing director and Ned Antonov.

Group managing director Graham Richardson said: "We are delighted that Kieron, Tom and Nat have recently passed our Rising Stars programme with flying colours”. “Our aim is to identify tomorrow's senior managers and equip them with the skills to succeed.”

“Thanks for persevering, guys; congratulations on your success and best wishes for the future”.

Rising star Tom Chilton said: "The rising stars was not an easy task to complete, however now it is over, I can see the reward. It helped me to grow my skills in Leadership and Management. To any people thinking of applying in the future, I would recommend it; however, it is good to consider that it isn’t an easy course to complete. COVID did make it even harder due to having to cancel tuition etc., which makes the reward even more worthwhile."

Posted 22nd Oct 9:16am