Welcome to the team Sarah Milana

Welcome to the team Sarah Milana

Earlier this summer, we welcomed Sarah Milana to our growing team. Sarah joined the Procurement team as an Administrative Assistant; find out what she had to say about her time at Johnsons so far below:

1. Tell us about your role at JOW; what does a normal day look like?

So, working in the purchasing department, means you are working with a lot of numbers/prices from many different suppliers. Whilst still learning many of the plants, becoming accustomed to the various names too comes in handy. You work closely with the transport team; this ensures that the product that you buy will come in on time when we are going for collections. When it comes to collection abroad. From putting orders through to go and collect from abroad to doing stock transfers from our cash and carry, you're also working closely with the outdoor staff as well. This means you are also not always inside.

Additionally, I help with our non-conformities, so any product that hasn’t arrived or needs sending back I will work on the paperwork for, which then we can again, in the purchasing department, work with our sales team and get the correct product for the correct time for the customer.

2. What did you do before working at Johnsons?

Before coming to Johnsons, I worked two separate jobs: a bartender in the evening, and during the day, I worked for a broker firm, which dealt with trade waste.

3. What has been your favourite day at Johnsons since starting?

I would have to say when I worked outside for the first time, understanding how the product that we buy comes in from abroad and how you unload the plants and put them on the correct beds would probably be one of my favourite days since being here. Was nice and sunny too so was nice to help out the outdoor staff and have a feel of what they do too.

4. What do you like most about working in horticulture?

The fact that you are working with plants alone is most of the fun part, I love plants as it is, so learning all the different types of plants, herbs and trees that there are and having them imported in still from another country as well is what I would say is most thrilling.

5. What do you like to get up to on a weekend?

I usually tend to stay in if it’s a bit gloomy and just sit and draw/paint. Otherwise, I will spend time with either my other half or go see friends and contemplate which tattoo to get next.

And if I don’t go get a tattoo, then going out with my friends in town is always the next best thing.

6. Name one item you couldn’t live without?

Headphones for my music

7. Favourite holiday destination:

I would love to go to New Orleans. However, I would also like to visit Greece as well and go to Athens.


Posted 15th Jul 1:40pm