A change of roles - Ellie Richardson - Marketing & Sales Coordinator

A change of roles - Ellie Richardson - Marketing & Sales Coordinator

A change of roles - Ellie Richardson - Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Ellie is set to start a gradual withdrawal from her ‘Xpress Plant Centre” focus which will be complete by December 2018.

As a victim of her own success Ellie assumes responsibility for Social Media, Website and Electronic communications and a coordinators role for all things marketing.

Group MD Graham Richardson says “Ellie has been instrumental in relaunching and managing our Marketing Focus, her natural flair and drive coupled with a ‘young persons’ understanding of electronic media has been nothing short of spectacular” – “working alongside our marketing partners Faith PR we have gone from having a very limited marketing and PR profile to be industry leading in a very short period of time, an increased focus will bring even more positives”!

Ellie’s time will be spent managing our various social media platforms, content management, cultivating prospects, press release co-ordination/management, website management and development, staff events such as year-end celebrations and rewards, charity events and some other internal duties.

Ellie will also be looking at taking on HR elements in the New Year alongside Chris Davis and Helen Straw, she plans to attend a CIPD course in 2019 as well as various marketing courses.

Ellie commented “ I could not have had a better grounding than my 6 years working in the plant centre which is a micro business within wider business operations, during this time I have loved interacting with customers (old and new) and have managed some fabulous key accounts – Lizzie Tulip and Helen to name but a few” I am looking forward to this next and exciting opportunity and have no doubt that an increased focus on Marketing and PR, particularly through new media platforms has a very obvious benefit for customers, staff and ultimately business performance, I also look forward to the challenges.

Posted 10th Dec 5:00am