A new role for Isaac Onions

A new role for Isaac Onions

Congratulations to Isaac Onions, who has now taken on the role of Plant Centre Sales Assistant.

Isaac joined Johnsons in May 2020 as an agency worker and was soon taken on full time as an outside cash & carry worker; before fulfilling this new role recently, below we asked him some questions:

1)What does your new role include? My new role will include processing customer orders, quoting and general front of house tasks such as answering the phone and scanning trollies.

2) What was your first job at Johnsons, and what did it involve? On my first day, I was outside weeding on the nursery. It was a sunny day so it was pretty fun.

3)What are you most looking forward to In your new role? I'm looking forward to a completely new challenge and it's another step forward in the company.

4)What do you think the challenges will be? Learning the processes and trying to remember the plant names.

5)What have you enjoyed about your time at Johnson's? I love the people that work here, everyone’s really friendly and there’s a nice atmosphere. In Cash and Carry we get sandwiches at the end of every month which gives us something to look forward to.

6)What do you like to get up to outside of work? I’m quite adventurous, I like going out hiking in the Moors, I even walked from Osmotherley to Saltburn a couple of years ago.  I love running and I do MMA.

7)Favourite food? Chicken and jalapeños pizza

8)Favourite holiday destination? I like going back to Malawi to visit my family.

Cash & Carry Manager Alice Knowles said:  "Isaac has been a great addition to our team since joining us and we are very much looking forward to him progressing his role in sales. He joins us at a busy time however he has already demonstrated great customer service to our customers who visit the c+c and when Hannah leaves will be competent in all aspects of sales."

Posted 20th Apr 3:59pm