A warm welcome to Catherine Cowling

A warm welcome to Catherine Cowling

A warm welcome to Catherine Cowling who joins our cash & carry team - see what she had to say about her new role below:

1) What will your new role involve?

Caring for the plants and their environment within the cash & carry team.

2) Where have you worked previously to Johnsons?

I have owned my own business for the last 22 years. Time for a change and new adventures.

3) What makes the horticultural industry attractive to you?

As a keen amateur gardener, I am as happy talking to the plants as I am to my colleagues, customers and inquisitive robins alike.

4) Tell us something that you have learnt during your time at JOW that you didn't know before?

The plants around me have more up-to-date passports than I do.

5) What would we find you doing at the weekend?

Rebuilding, restoring and renovating an old cottage in the Yorkshire Dales using heritage materials and methods. A labour of love and a thief of time.

I am also writing a novel.

6) Favourite cuisine?

Keralan (South Indian).

7) Have any hidden talents?

Many hidden talents I harbour well, but am reluctant to share, show or tell. Concealed for a reason, I'm sorry to say. You'll have to wait for another day.

8) Name an item you couldn't live without:

A camera.

Posted 5th Dec 1:16pm