Collaborating with Askham Bryan College to create a bespoke horticultural training course

Collaborating with Askham Bryan College to create a bespoke horticultural training course

We have teamed up with York Agricultural and Horticultural College, Askham Bryan to create a new bespoke 12-week horticultural training course.

We first contacted Askham in the early spring of ’23 regarding a training partnership to ensure our employees stay at the forefront of horticultural knowledge through specialised training.

We have worked with the college since the 1970s and have provided work placements for students and the college has provided horticultural courses for its staff. Johnsons chairman, John Richardson was also a governor at Askham for twenty years.

The course, ‘An Introduction to Horticulture’, will offer employees from Johnsons the chance to broaden their knowledge in various aspects of horticulture, from plant identification to planting locations and the impacts of plant choices, with a mixture of practical and theoretical tests.

The weekly sessions will be held from July – September at the college, which recently celebrated 75 years of providing specialist education. The course will be repeated for future cohorts of Johnsons employees.

Attendees put their own names forward to attend the inaugural course and were selected by their line managers. Course attendees include Adam Davis, Matt Campey, Gary Hardwicke, Ashley Robinson, Tomasz Kedra, Gergo Kontos, Chris Edgar, Chris Pearce, Matthew Goodwin, Elliot Green, Katie Burlingham, Dmytro Orlov, Filippo Pellizon and Louise Roberts.

Askham Bryan Curriculum area manager, Steve Bassford, said: “The college is looking forward to having the opportunity to deliver the bespoke course and building on already formed relationships. Having a positive impact on a local business such as Johnsons of Whixley enables a commercial education partnership which will be mutually beneficial to all.”

Johnsons of Whixley marketing and office manager, Eleanor Richardson, said: “It’s important to invest in our employee’s futures, to broaden and enhance their existing knowledge. This comprehensive learning experience will equip them with essential skills in the field of horticulture and is a good opportunity to get different departments working together in collaboration with our local college again.

Posted 6th Jul 12:03pm