COVID-19 (coronavirus) notice

COVID-19 (coronavirus) notice

COVID-19 (coronavirus) notice

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to make headlines with numbers of those infected rising daily and a lot of uncertainty for businesses remains.

The preservation of the operational business is fundamental to the security of our entire workforce, the ability to operate, despatch, invoice and collect outstanding monetary sums is a close priority followed by the ongoing production of future crops.

We have been closely monitoring the government's advice and have undertaken measures as recommended for the wellbeing of our staff and customers.

It remains very much business as usual – albeit a challenge!!

Actions taken include:

  • Covid-19 policy created
  • Covid-19 Checklist Created
  • Covid-19 Group formed to designate a lead for infection, prevention and control – weekly meetings underway
  • Specific bulletin to all staff
  • Risk assessments in place to prevent, detect and control the risk of infection
  • Audit control of newly introduced procedures
  • Posters with covid-19 information distributed
  • Employees to work from home where possible (subject to the role and work location, by and large, office staff) – purchase of relevant tech.
  • Sufficient resources including additional hand sanitizers and disinfectants have been distributed across all five sites
  • Rota to wipe down all door handles frequently shared equipment created and other high traffic apparatus
  • Extra cleaning and sanitising to high traffic risk areas
  • Meetings with external visitors postponed or rearranged over the phone or by skype
  • Non-essential training sessions cancelled
  • Liaising with an occupational health professional, HR Lawyer and Personnel resource
  • Monitor all staff and grade those at most risk and considered vulnerable

If you have any further questions as to how this may affect your orders please contact your sales rep directly or call us on 01423 330234

For further updates on the coronavirus please visit the NHS website.

Posted 17th Mar 4:31pm