Donating plants to two award winning Harrogate Flower Show gardens

Donating plants to two award winning Harrogate Flower Show gardens

Donating plants to two award winning Harrogate Flower Show gardens

We have donated £600 worth of plants to two gold award winning gardens at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

We donated £300 worth of plants to the charity Horticap’s ‘All Characters Great & Small’ show garden, and £300 worth of shrubs and herbaceous plants to Yorkshire Garden Designs for its ‘Eden’ show garden.

Horticap is based in Bluecoat Wood Nurseries in Harrogate and provides adults with learning and other disabilities training in horticulture, allied crafts and rural skills.

Its garden, handcrafted by students and staff, is inspired by iconic Yorkshire landmarks and is brought to life with well-known characters from across the region including Olympic gold medallist boxer, Nicola Adams, and cricket commentator, Geoffrey Boycott.

A combination of season perennials, shrubs and trees have been used to create the patriotic garden.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Garden Designs’ show garden is inspired by the Garden of Eden and aims to represent a perfectly balanced eco-system.

Yorkshire Garden Designs worked with Yorkshire stone mason Johnny Clasper and Wetherby-based Aquascapes & Landscaping who used flowing freeform walling to create stone streams complete with water sprouts to represent the four biblical rivers.

The design also incorporates flowers, fruits and edible herbs, along with insect friendly and aquatic plants.

The garden will find a permanent home after the show at Henshaw’s Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough.

We have a long standing relationship with both Horticap and Yorkshire Garden Designs. Students at Horticap have regular visits to the nursery and we have been supplying plants to Yorkshire Garden Designs for ten years.

Ellie Richardson, of Johnsons of Whixley, said: “We have an excellent relationship with Horticap and Yorkshire Garden Designs so we were excited to donate plants to their show gardens at this year’s Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

“The gardens they have created are fantastic and show lots of skill and creativity. We’re looking forward to our continued work with the designers and can’t wait to see what gardens they create in the future.”

Lorna Batchelor, owner and garden designer at Yorkshire Garden Designs said: “The biggest part of putting together a successful show garden is finding the right people for the job, the right materials, the right suppliers and getting everything in the right place at the right time. Johnsons of Whixley never disappoint!”

Phil Airey, assistant manager at Horticap, said: “Our show garden at the Harrogate Flower Show went really well, we’d like to thank Johnsons of Whixley for all of their support.”

Posted 2nd May 11:24am