Employees reach 185 years of service combined

Employees reach 185 years of service combined

Six members of our staff have reached 185 years of service combined.

Head of Production and Procurement, Jonathan Whittemore, Sales Manager, Tony Coles and Spray & Irrigation Controller Wayne Atkinson have all reached 25 years of service each. While Operations Manager Steven Green and Assistant Senior Production Manager, Ian Nelson both reach 35 years.

Our retail Sales Manager, Mark Reynard, pictured below also celebrated his 40th anniversary at the company back in June.

To highlight their combined anniversary of long service at Johnsons, each staff member will receive a certificate and vouchers valued between £750 and £250.

An additional 27 members of staff have racked up over 830 years combined with Johnsons Directors and Chairman having served 157 of those years between them.

Steven Green who joined the company from leaving School said: "The variation, the chance to learn, the opportunity to travel, the people I have worked with over the years and the relationship I have with the Richardson's who I grew up with in Whixley have all contributed to my length of service at Johnsons."

Ian Nelson also commented "I've been fortunate to have the chance to grow my career alongside the growth of the company itself. I genuinely love plants, but ultimately it is about the people you work with, and there's always been a good team here. Retaining that spirit is precious."

While Jonathan Whittemore added "I have always enjoyed the people at Johnsons – we are a good bunch. The constant challenge that the company has been able to provide me has always given me enjoyment, but mostly it is working for a company of which I am incredibly proud."

The company's chairman, John Richardson, said: "It is with pleasure and sincere thanks that we enjoy the real contribution made by such long-serving staff. We look forward to them being with us for many more years to come."

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Posted 11th Dec 8:50am