Garden Centre Sales Division launches first digital catalogue

Garden Centre Sales Division launches first digital catalogue

Our Garden Centre Sales Division has launched its first digital catalogue.

The division which has supplied over 700,000 plants to Garden Centres this year would usually have its catalogue printed and sent out to customers, this year they have gone paperless for the first time in 50 years to reduce paper wastage.

We are one of the few businesses that can claim to be a real net contributor to the environment from growing and supplying over 7 million plants and trees per year to low emission vehicles. Our irrigation system uses rainfall and runoff water from its reservoirs. The plants we supply beautify UK wide planting schemes and private gardens helping reduce Carbon Dioxide from the air and greenhouse gases which create pollution.

Our BSI ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 Quality, and Environmental standard credentials have underpinned business operations since 1992, the new digital catalogue is one of many changes to our company's systems with order processing going digital too.

Our new catalogue can be viewed here - to access you will need to be a customer and have the password - please contact us on 01423 332309 or email to gain access.

This was an obvious step for our Garden Centre Sales department. In going paperless, we have saved 10's of thousands of pages which, by the end of the next year would have ended up in the bin or recycled and would have taken time to process. The benefits are significant from both an efficiency perspective.

Posted 13th Oct 10:23am