Get a lawn as good as a golf course

Get a lawn as good as a golf course

Get a lawn as good as a golf course

To celebrate the British Open Golf tournament this week, we have come up with some tips to help you get a lawn as good as a golf course.

A regular maintenance programme will help avoid the need to renovate later.

1) Mowing – this should be done regularly between spring and autumn,with once a week being the ideal amount during these seasons. In summer, cut twice a week, unless in drought conditions, then drop back to one. Never mow wet, dewy or frosted grass.

2) Remove Moss – Moss forms in grass when there is a poor growing condition, such as shaded, waterlogged or compacted soil. Scarification in the autumn is ideal on smaller lawns. Organic moss control can be applied after the grass has been cut short.

3) Feeding – In March and April, apply a spring feed which will help increase vigour and help tackle weeds and moss. It is always best applied to wet grass, and not dry. If vigour is lost between April and August, repeat the spring feed application in cool conditions.

4) Watering – Water to a depth of 10cm as the soil becomes dry, but before the grass starts turning brown. If the ground has become hard and compacted, aerate with a garden fork before watering. Watering once a week should be sufficient unless in drought conditions. Water either early morning or evening, and don’t over water as this can encourage shallow roots.

5) Repairing – Damaged grass caused by pets or diseases should be repaired in the spring.

Posted 16th Jul 9:29am