Getting involved with York Cares Big Community Challenge

Getting involved with York Cares Big Community Challenge

As a proud Yorkshire business, we were delighted to get involved with the York Cares Big Community Challenge, a remarkable initiative aimed at transforming public areas in York.

The Big Community Challenge (BCC) is an annual event that brings together businesses, volunteers and local organisations to create lasting improvements within the city. The challenge acts as a catalyst for positive change, uniting individuals with a shared vision of enhancing York's green spaces for the benefit of all.

Our aim was to help with the rejuvenation of three sites across the city - Foss Walkway, Hull Road Park and Rowntree Park.

The three sites were chosen due to their links with the city’s river heritage, with the BCC team focusing on the maintenance and restoration of the river and wetland areas in the city, as well as preserving and improving biodiversity in York.

Our wonderful team donated a selection of plants with a total value of £1,500 to the projects, resulting in the transformation of neglected beds into vibrant, pollinator-friendly havens. Check it out below!

Hull Park Road

Hull Road Park was in need of some TLC, with the site being overrun by invasive weeds such as bindweed, marestail and ground elder. Recognising the park's potential, we joined forces with the York Cares Big Community Challenge to restore these neglected areas.

First, the existing beds were dug out to remove the invasive weeds from their root. To prevent the return of these harmful weeds, a weed membrane was installed and backfilled with fresh topsoil.

The roses that were in the park have been replaced with new planting that will tolerate tougher conditions, such as drought, and are not as maintenance-heavy as roses.

The planting also offers increased benefits for pollinators, helping to support the biodiversity in the area. As the plants took root and flourished, the rejuvenated beds breathed new life into the parks, adding some much-needed greenery to the area. The formal entrance to Hull Road Park is greatly improved - we are so happy with the result!

Holly Hennell, manager of York Cares, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Johnson’s for their very generous donation of plants for the Big Community Challenge. The plants have helped to transform three public spaces in York and will be enjoyed by many for years to come. These donations enable us to make a really visible impact.”

If you’d like to learn more about how our plants can support your projects, please get in touch with our team today.

Posted 11th Jul 9:54am