Johnsons receive Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running

Johnsons receive Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running

We are pleased to have received Plant Healthy accreditation for the third year running.

The Plant Healthy certification shows that Johnsons is a business that trades and grows plants to a high plant health and biosecurity standard whilst reducing the risk of introducing or spreading destructive plant pests, as well as protecting the horticultural industry, other cultivated plants and natural habitats.

Plant Health is important to Johnsons for many reasons such as protecting our woodlands from pests and diseases such as ash-dieback and oak processionary moth and safeguarding native flora and fauna from non-native pests and diseases.

Healthy plants are fundamental for the creation of beautiful gardens and landscapes and are essential for life, making the oxygen we breathe and absorbing carbon dioxide, they are also essential for the food we eat and without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Johnsons’ Commercial and Business Manager, Jonathan Whittemore, said: “You can help with Plant Health by buying responsibly from reputable nurseries and suppliers and avoiding buying plants that have been sourced from areas with high-risk pests and diseases, keeping your boots clean to avoid spreading diseases, looking after your plants and knowing pests when you see them.

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Posted 2nd Nov 8:50am