Our monthly favourites - April 2020

Our monthly favourites - April 2020

Wanting to add a splash of colour to the garden this April? Check out this month’s highlights from Cytisus ‘Allgold’ to Clematis ‘Early Sensation’, there is something for every garden.

1. Cytisus x praecox ‘Allgold’

A great deciduous shrub with arching sprays of bright yellow flowers from April – June. A fantastic addition to a mixed border.

???? Flowers: April – June

???? Position: Full sun

2. Clematis ‘Early Sensation’

A great evergreen that is happiest in full sun-partial shade, use a trellis or wire support to grow up a fence or wall.

???? Flowers: March – April

???? Position: Full sun – partial shade

3. Vinca minor

A great low growing ground cover plant with pale blue flowers and lance-shaped dark green leaves. It is excellent at suppressing weeds and would make a great addition to the front of a border. It generally flowers from April – May.

???? Flowers: March – September

???? Position: Full sun or partial shade

4. Spirea arguta

Small delicate white flowers on arching stems have started to appear on our Spirea arguta plants this month. A hardy deciduous shrub perfect as a freestanding shrub or as a hedge. Prune immediately after flowering to guarantee abundant shows year after year.

???? Flowers: March-May

???? Position: Full sun

5. Viburnum tinus

Our Viburnum tinus plants are full of bud and flowers right now… An excellent evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and clusters of small white flowers.  Ideal for brightening up a part shaded area of the garden over winter and into spring when little else is flowering.

???? Flowers: March – April

????Position:  Sun – Partial shade

6.Halimium libanotis

A small evergreen shrub, with small glossy, green leaves and primrose-like yellow flowers from April – June. Great at the front of a border, rock garden or in a container.

???? Flowers:  April – June

☀️ Position: Sun

7. Ribes ‘King Edward VII’

Are full of clusters of deep pink, tubular flowers right now that will be followed by blue-black fruit. It would make a great informal, flowering hedge or work well at the back of a border.

???? Flowers: April – May

☀️ Position:  Full sun

8. Primula veris

Primula veris, a semi-evergreen perennial is in full flower right now, a great addition to a wildflower meadow flowering from April till the end of May.

???? Flowers: April – May

☀️ Position:  Full sun – partial shade

Posted 16th Apr 10:17am