Our monthly favourites - May 2020

Our monthly favourites - May 2020

Want to add colour to your 'May' gardening projects? here's a few of our favourite May flowering shrubs and perennials.

1. Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’

A vigorous, clump-forming perennial, with deep lavender – blue flowers,prefers a sunny location,and well drained soil.

???? Flowers: May – August

???? Position: Full sun or partial shade

2.Ajuga ‘Burgundy Glow’

A great multi-coloured ground cover perennial with dense upright deep blue flowers and evergreen foliage with splashes of red and cream.

???? Flowers: April – May

???? Position: Full sun – partial shade

3. Aquilegia ‘Cameo Mixed’

Compact silver grey foliage covered in pink, blue and white flowers from early May. A great addition to a rockery, border, or container pot.

???? Flowers: May – June

???? Position: Full sun or partial shade

4. Acer ‘Garnet’

A small tree with garnet-coloured foliage that turn to scarlet red during autumn. A great focal point for a small garden, in a container pot on the edge of a patio.

???? Position: Partial shade – full sun ( in a sheltered spot)

5. Euphorbia amygd. ‘Robbiae’

Lime-green flowers above glossy green foliage, happiest in partial shade this plant makes a great addition to a woodland garden or partial shaded border.

???? Flowers: April – June

☀️ Position: Partial shade

6. Ceanothus repens

A low-growing evergreen shrub that is smothered in masses of pale blue flowers come late April. Perfect for the front of a sunny border or trained against a wall.

???? Flowers:  April – June

☀️ Position: Sun

7. Azalea ‘Golden Eagle’

Trumpet shaped, large orange-yellow flowers appear between May and June against pale, lime-green foliage which take on brilliant shades of bronze and purple during autumn.

???? Flowers: May – June

☀️ Position:  Full sun – Partial shade

8. Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’

A perfect addition to a shaded border in your garden known for their fantastic dark green foliage with central dark blotches and tiny delicate star-shaped white flowers come May time.

???? Flowers: May – July

☀️ Position:  Partial – deep shade

Posted 11th May 2:35pm