Welcome back Matt Reid

Welcome back Matt Reid

Welcome back to Matt Reid, a familiar face who re-joins our amenity sector, having previously run our wholesale cash & carry. See what he says about his new role below and what it’s like to be back below:

1)How does it feel to be back?

Great! Really good, which has only been enhanced with the lovely reception people have given me.

2)Has much changed at Johnsons while you’ve been away?

Whilst it's clear the main drivers of the business come from the same and similar sectors I can only see and sense positive changes. Improvements in the systems show better organisation, plus the business has clearly increased its turnover significantly since my previous employment allowing the sales team to size up. So only positive changes.

3)What will your new role involve?

Being a part of the sales team in Amenity, more specially taking and looking after a chunk of some whom are currently Adams customers, covering some of the South and Wales. Which will enable us to apply ourselves to the area better as we look to increase our sales percentage.

4) What has been a challenge so far?

Honestly? Not much at all! Probably just trying to keep my cool in the gap between being offered the position and start work with you all.

5) What are you most looking forward to?

Getting back to a trade-based working environment within a sector I am passionate about working in. Working alongside some familiar faces whilst I get to know some new people will be another bonus.

6) Something we don’t know about you?

In the three years leading up to the pandemic lockdown I went to over 150 live music gigs.

7) Do you have any hobbies?

As the last answer might suggest I am a bit obsessed with music and spend as much time as I can in between whatever I’m doing listening to music. I love listening to podcasts. These days I make a point of keeping up with friends and family. Try to remain reasonably active so like to get on my bike or for a walk, and if I’m not on my feet, I like to create art, sometimes by drawing or sometimes digitally.

8) Name one thing on your bucket list?

To go on a trip to Mongolia!

9) Favourite cuisine?

Mostly something with an Asian and/or Indian type of flavour

10) Biggest pet peeve?

Life at the moment is a pretty good place to be; as such, I am really not sure on the spot!

Amenity sales manager, Vicky Newell said: " It is great to work with Matt again, he has settled in really well, like he never left! He adds another dimension to our Amenity team and has great horticultural knowledge which really helps."

Posted 7th Aug 9:04am