Welcome to the team Rob

Welcome to the team Rob

A warm welcome to Rob Forrester who joins the team as Procurement Manager, find out what he had to say about his new role below:

1) What are you looking forward to most about your new role? Getting out around the UK & Europe to meet our suppliers (when travel permits) and solidifying our strong relationships.

2)Anything you’ve learnt in the last couple of weeks that you didn’t know before? A lot! I’ve come from a non-horticulture background, so I’m learning lots of new things every single day!

3)What do you think the challenges of this role will be? Dealing with new legislation/regulations in the aftermath of Brexit/Covid.

What would we find you doing on a weekend? Playing football for Poppleton United or spending time with my wife, daughter and dog.

Favourite food? Got to be curry- specifically Lamb Madras!

Favourite band? I like my rock music- if I had to pick a favourite I’d probably go with Muse.

Summer or winter? Summer

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I once had a drawing of mine on display at York Art Gallery, despite being absolutely terrible at art.

Posted 17th Jun 10:17am