Winter Interest Plants - five of our favourites

Winter Interest Plants - five of our favourites

Winter is full of hidden gems in the plant world from bright coloured stems to attractive buds, so we thought we would share five of our favourites.


Cornus varieties offer great interest throughout the year but in particular during the winter months when their bare stems are visible in fiery shades of red-orange and yellow.

For best results plant in moist moderately fertile soil in a full sun position to attain the best colour.

Popular varieties we sell include Cornus alba ‘Sibrica’, Cornus  ‘Flaviramea’ and Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ we have a great selection from a 2L to a 10L pot.


Skimmia Rubella is a firm favourite with their fantastic dark green elliptic leaves with panicles of redbuds showing in winter and fabulous white fragrant flowers in early spring.

Plant in partial shade in neutral to acidic soil for best results. Avoid planting in full sun, which can cause yellowing to the leaves. A perfect addition to a patio pot or border.

Choose varieties such as Skimmia Rubella, Skimmia Finchy and Skimmia reevesiana.


Hellebores are compact, clump-forming perennials with dark green, leathery leaves and stunning flowers.

A tremendous shade-loving border plant that will brighten up your garden when little else is flowering from December – March.

It would help if you planted in partial to full shade for best results and cut back old leaves in January – February to show off new flowers.


Hamamelis plants are covered in branches of distinctive, spider-like, fragrant flowers in red, yellow, and orange shades from January to early spring.

Whilst slow growing this plant variety can become a large spreading shrub or small tree. A fantastic specimen plant that will make a great addition to the middle or back of a border.

Plant in well-drained, neutral acid soil in full sun to partial shade for best results.

Evergreen Viburnums such as tinus are a great shrub for winter interest with dark green leaves and clusters of tiny white flowers from December to April.

A great low maintenance easy to grow shrub which can brighten a part shaded area of the garden when little else is flowering.

Happiest in fertile, moist, well drained soil positioned in full sun – partial shade.

Posted 18th Jan 1:58pm