Welcome to the team Frances

Welcome to the team Frances

A warm welcome to Frances Whyte, who joins the team as our HR Administrator as Chris Davis retires after 22 years of service at the end of March; Frances is already proving to be a great addition to the team and has a great career ahead of her, see what she had to say about her new role below:

1. What will your new role include?

My new role will involve being responsible for all of the different elements of HR administration at Johnsons of Whixley.


2. Where have you worked previously?

Previously, I worked as a primary school teacher in York for several years, teaching children in Year 5 and 6.


3. What skills do you think you will transfer from your old career to your new career?

Managing a varied workload and juggling lots of different tasks!


4. What are you looking forward to most?

I'm really looking forward to starting my career in HR and learning lots of new skills.


5. What do you think the biggest challenge will be?

Remembering everybody's names and where they all work!


6. Tell us something you have learnt since being here:

I've learnt a lot already - how to use the time and attendance systems, how to issue contracts of employment, how to create and maintain personal files and so much more!


7. What have you enjoyed the most since starting?

I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone that I've met so far, and also working in an office environment.


8. Tell us something you enjoy getting up to outside of work:

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, photography and spending time with my friends and family.


9. What is your favourite dish?

Definitely pizza!


10. Favourite TV show?

My favourite TV shows are Brooklyn 99, The Office and Schitt's Creek.


 Marketing Manager Eleanor Richardson said: "Frances is a bright and bubbly character, who is a great asset to the business; its been great to have her join our team; I look forward to working with her going forward and wish her all the best with her HR career."


Posted 25th Feb 11:11am